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Thailand Signature, your home to the very best of Thailand; offering quality handmade gifts, exotic fashion and creative gift ideas offering a true and lasting experience of this wonderful land. A taste of Thailand Signature is a celebration.

It’s a celebration of a country whose rich cultural heritage blends seamlessly with the hectic demands of modern day life. Renowned for it’s breathtaking vistas, idyllic spas and exotic beach locations. Thailand is one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world. It is also home to a gentle, respectful people whose intricate craftsmanship and creative talents give birth to the kind of quality that you’ll treasure for years to come.



Here at Thailand Signature, exclusive handmade gifts and lovingly hand-picked traditional costumes sit side-by-side with eye catching contemporary furniture to enrich your home. We have scoured Thailand to source beautiful, quality items that reflect Thailand’s rich, exotic culture and the creativity and ingenuity of its people.

  We’ve done all the work so you can enjoy our exciting selection of Thai fashion, elaborate costumes and Kohn masks, quality home furnishings and creative gift ideas from the comfort of your own home.

  Celebrating Thai culture Thailand Signature is a celebration of our love for all things Thai.

We invite you to spend time exploring Thailand’s rich traditions, meeting its gentle, respectful people and learning to love and enjoy this crazy, chaotic country in the way that we do. We hope that this will enrich your experience and deepen your love for the items you buy.

Celebrating you, our guests The Thai people are renowned for their warm, friendly and accepting manner and for the courtesy and respect afforded to Thailand’s guests. In keeping with this tradition, it is our aim at Thailand Signature to treat our customers as honored guests to our site. We aim to craft your shopping experience as lovingly and carefully as any of the skilled artisans who created the beautiful items we sell.



 With this aim in mind, Thailand Signature is home only to quality handmade gifts and iconic home furnishings, to the most beautiful Khon masks and the most desirable fashion that we have handpicked ourselves.


We want to offer you a taste of Thailand as refined as our selection of delicate rice; as creative and playful as the handmade leather key fobs; and as solid and reliable as our largest wooden chest.

Thailand Signature aims to bring you the very best of this wonderful country, starting right here as you

shop at our site until your personal piece of Thailand arrives at your home.


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