Owl Porcelain Aroma Burner

Tax included Delivery time to Usa and Europe 7 - 21 working days

The little Owl Porcelain Aroma Burner has little holes in a leaves pattern, so the glow of the light that it creates shines a beautiful natural leaves shadow pattern on your wall.

It also contains a small scent bowl for aroma essences to fill your space or rooms not only with beautiful light patterns, but also with a lovely smell.


Owl : 10x10 cm ;

Aroma bowl on top : 7x7 cm


Directions to use:

- pour the water in the bowl on the Owls head and just add a few drops of essential oil in the water

- light a t-light candle and insert in the owl under the water


- try not to use the burner on or nearby the flammable objects

- don't leave the burner without care.


Delivery time to Usa and Europe 7 - 21 working days, depending on shipping method.

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